A blocked toilet is a common issue in any Essex household and is very inconvenient, especially if you only have one toilet in your home.


The first signs of a blocked toilet are usually indicated by the slow draining of the water from the toilet bowl after flushing. A blockage will not only stop your toilet from working properly but can cause unpleasant odours and an overflow of water.


If you have a blocked toilet and need help quickly, our fully trained Essex engineers here at First Call Drainage UK are on call 24/7 to provide toilet unblocking services for residential and commercial customers.


Just give us a call, and one of our Essex engineers will be with you, equipped to unblock your toilet there and then. Using professional equipment and over 25 years of experience, First Call Drainage UK will get the job done.

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How we can help


  • Firstly, arrange a callout with our professionals.

  • We will carry out an investigation to identify the cause of the problem so we can then provide the best solution. Depending on the cause of the blockage, we might need to use drain jetting, rotary mechanical drain cleaning, excavation methods, gully cleaning, or suggest another solution. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured that we will fix it.

  • Preventing further issues:
    There could be many reasons why your toilet keeps blocking, but most of them can be handled by taking care not to put non-flushable items down the bowl and limiting toilet paper use.

    Older low-flow toilet models lack the pressure needed to completely clear the trap.

    Your plumbing roof vents can get blocked by debris and birds’ nests.

    Sometimes, the problem might be a blockage or some damages further down the main sewer line.




What are the common causes for blocked toilets?

• You Flushed the Wrong Stuff          • A Jam in the Trap
• Ineffective Flush Valve Seal.            • Old Low-flow Toilets
• Down the Sewer Line

How can you avoid blocked toilets in the future?

The simplest way to prevent clogs is to practice proper flushing. This means becoming more mindful of the things that you flush down the toilet drain. If you're flushing toilet paper, make sure you are flushing the right amount. A good rule of thumb is you can flush anything that comes from your body.

Where does your blocked toilets service cover?

Kent, London, Romford, Essex, Dartford, Bromley.