How we can help


  • Firstly, arrange a callout with our professionals.

  • We'll access the affected underground drain pipes through the manhole.

  • We then insert a wetted-out lining into the drain, which our specialist drain lining engineers then inflate to make it bond with the inside of the underground drain pipe. It is left to cure (dry out and take shape) and in a matter of hours, the lining has formed a full-strength new ‘pipe’ lined within the old pipe.

  • We can usually apply a drain lining to all pipe sizes between 75mm to 1200mm. Depending on your property's drainage problem.


Drain relining (no-dig drain repair), in London, is a cost-effective method and a recommended alternative to more disruptive drain repairs that involve excavation.


Drain Lining and relining can be done using non-intrusive ways that yield speedy, yet effective results in London. With excavations being more time-consuming and costly, Drain Relining is usually the best option for drain repair without digging into the areas in and around your London property.

It is important to remember that drain relining is only suitable for pipes up to a certain measurement and only an expert will be able to effectively gauge the damage and recommend the best possible solution.


Just give us a call, and one of our local engineers will be with you, equipped to resolve any issues there and then. Using professional equipment and over 25 years of experience, First Call Drainage UK will get the job done.

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What are the common causes for drain pipe relining?

• Your sink, shower, bath, and toilet may be draining slower than usual, or not at all
• There is an unusually foul odour lingering in your home
• You can hear gurgling sounds from your drains, plug holes, toilet flushes and pipes

How can you avoid drain pipe relining in the future?

Maintain Your Pipe Lining Maintenance Schedule
Think of your new pipe liners and or epoxy coatings as new pipes, because once the liners and coatings harden, they function just like new plumbing pipes.

Perform Regular Pipe Inspections
If you have your plumbing pipes inspected once a year, you will still want to have them professionally inspected in order to detect problems before they cause severe issues. 

Use Modern Installation Techniques
Modern installation techniques and equipment helps ensure that the pipe liners are in the correct locations and that they have completely expanded against the walls of the host pipe, and that there are no wrinkles or folds in the pipe liner. 

Where does your drain pipe relining service cover?

Kent, London, Romford, Essex, Dartford, Bromley.