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3 Of The UK's Biggest Floods

Updated: Mar 23

3 Of The UK's Biggest Floods

The UK has had its fair share of floods across the decades and have suffered serve flooding however, we have always been known for being ill prepared for these types of situations but hopefully with today’s drainage systems and prevents this is not the case. Within this article we will talk about the UKs worst flooding disasters and what the result of these were.

1947 Floods

A little snow fall causes a world of problems let alone a record snowfall for 6 continuous weeks followed by thaw which produced heavy rain resulting in England’s worst flood with all forms of nature rebelling at once. Britain had still not recovered from the war which ended a year before this so their economy was already shattered, homes and factories still bomb sites and food was rationed, which was now made even worse when they didn’t think was possible. Statistics suggest that 100,000 homes were affected by the flood and over 750,000 hectares of farmland submerged which led to serve damage to the agriculture which took a long time to get back on track. The aftermath of this disaster led to the UK receiving international aid, for examples we received food parcels from Canada. The total damage come to £12 million which is why this flood is the most commonly talked about and gone down in history.

2000 Floods

The wettest autumn on record stated the Met office, an example of the rapid environmental changes we face and was going to face in the next few years. There was a few areas which were hit the hardest for example, Kent and Sussex were underwater as their rivers banks were burst leading to floodwater and landslides closing roads and railway lines, commuters were faced with delays for several days after. This flood resulted in 10,000 homes being affected and the UK was faced with £1 billion worth of damage, affecting less homes which is positive but incurring more cost compared to the previous floods.

2015/2016 Floods

Storm Desmond hit the UK in 2015, breaking record rainfall and for being the wettest and warmest since 1910. This storm created a river In its path, bringing air from the Caribbean and unusually heavy rain, alerted as extreme weather due to the amount of rain that had fallen and created a waterfall for a short period of time. 16,000 properties were affected and a total cost beating all 3 of the previous floods of 1.3 billion which suggests that the growing economic cost is due to the severity of our climate issues.

Our flood systems which were available back then had never been able to protect everyone like they should in this situation, so it was left to the induvial to protect their property as much as they come to prepare for such events. Many UK citizens and business people look into drainage systems to protect their homes or work yards against flooding for example here at First Call Drainage solutions we offer garden drainage in Essex and Kent to protect your homes.

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