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3 Things You Should Never Put Down A Toilet

Updated: Mar 23

Toilets are an everyday convenience for disposing of human waste and excrement, but they are less effective as a means of disposing of other materials and items. So, rather than flushing random things like bathroom and household essentials down the toilet, we would urge you to throw them in the bin instead, as flushing these types of things can block drainpipes, pollute water systems, and even cause harm to the environment.

To keep your toilet systems working properly, there are several things you must never flush down the toilet. Here are three things you should avoid ever putting down a toilet, to help prevent your pipes from blocking.

Paper towels and tissues

Whenever you run out of toilet paper, you most likely get up and look around your house for the nearest paper towels and facial tissues. However, paper towels and tissues are not a viable solution, especially for your drain. Whether you use a tissue to blow your nose, or a paper towel to dry a surface, make sure you stick it in the bin when you’re done with it – and never put it down the toilet.

Because these paper items are designed specifically to soak up and absorb water rather than dissolve in water like toilet paper, they are more likely to clog your pipes and block your toilet.

If your drainage systems happen to get blocked, a reliable drainage solutions team can help you out. Our experts in domestic and garden drainage in Essex and Kent here at First Call Drainage UK can help ensure any problem you have in this regard is quickly and professionally tackled.


Ever had a fresh shave and shoved your hairs down the toilet as a simple and convenient way of disposing of them? Well, let this be a warning to never put hairs down the toilet again. Hair is organic matter, but this doesn't prevent it being bad for the environment, which it unfortunately is. It’s not too kind to your home’s drains and pipes, either.

Hair, like dental floss, contributes to the formation of large hairballs, which can cause huge obstructions in the sewage system and trap smells in your plumbing systems.

Bear in mind that there are various ways hair can end up in the toilet; hair can shed easily for many people, whether they’re brushing their hair or just styling it near the loo. So, always ensure you keep your hair away from the toilet when brushing or combing it, shaving or cutting it, or when rinsing your hair maintenance equipment. This will help make sure that no hair accidentally enters the toilet.


You should never flush or put medications and pharmaceuticals that are in date, out of date or recently used down the toilet, since they will further pollute the waste water. It will have a detrimental effect on the water supplies, as well as the drinking water that you consume at some stage.

Therefore, you should never flush any medications or other potentially harmful substances down the toilet, to help avoid water pollution. So, if you have any medication, pills, or pharmaceuticals that you no longer require and wish to dispose of, simply put them into a sealed bag and chuck it in the bin safely and securely.

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