High Pressure Water Jetting is one of the most effective methods used to clear blocked drains, utilising powerful drain jetting equipment that delivers high pressure bursts of water to clean sewer systems and to loosen or clear stubborn drain blockages.


Clear drains and pipes are essential to keeping your property running smoothly and help to prevent serious damage in the future.

Here at First Call Drainage UK, we are equipped with high pressure water jets with a variety of drain jetting equipment, nozzles, and accessories that are suitable for drainage systems of all shapes and sizes.


Just give us a call, and one of our local engineers will be with you, equipped to resolve any issues there and then. Using professional equipment and over 25 years of experience, First Call Drainage UK will get the job done.

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How we can help


  • Firstly, arrange a callout with our professionals.

  • As its name suggests, high pressure water drain jetting uses extremely high pressured water to blast through pipes and any blockages in your plumbing system, clearing the debris and flushing it out with minimal time and mess.

  • High pressure water jetting can be used to unblock your drains or to descale and clean your drainage system, removing all debris and getting the water flowing as it should. We use a compact unit that pumps water through a nozzle at 4000psi 36 litres a minute to unblock drains and descale the pipework. The huge pressure exerted on the water propels the hose up the pipe towards any blockage. A hole on the front of the nozzle attacks the blockage which is then washed away by the water.

  • The water is so powerful that the drain will usually be unblocked in just a few minutes.




What are the common causes for high pressure water jetting?

• Problems with rats and other rodents.

• Surface flooding into your property.

• Broken drains or leaking drains can cause subsidence under your property.

• On-going drain problems can cause smells; waste can start to surface.

How can you avoid high pressure water jetting in the future?

The method is not necessarily useful only when a drain becomes blocked. It is also effective for cleaning your drains and pipes if they are becoming clogged and require a little maintenance. In order to avoid your drains becoming blocked in the future, we recommend undertaking regular drain cleaning, to maintain good water flow and avoid any clogging or build-up that could lead to blockages and problems further down the line.

Where does your high pressure water jetting service cover?

Kent, London, Romford, Essex, Dartford, Bromley.